Green Initiatives

Baylor Trucking Green Initiatives

Baylor is very progressive with becoming a cleaner and more environmentally friendly organization.

We have incorporated the following initiatives and products to promote sustainability:

  • Baylor Trucking is proud to be a SmartWay Carrier with the highest ranking possible
  • We operate 2018 SmartWay Certified Tractors and Trailers to haul your company's freight
  • Our tractors operate with speed limiting and are governed to 65 mph to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Idling time, fuel purchasing and use is monitored, reviewed and counseled weekly per unit
  • Baylor Trucking terminals are no idle facilities
  • We sponsor, utilize and promote truck warming /cooling devices including APUs and in cab heaters
  • We reduce congestion on America's highways by running lightweight equipment offering payload of 46,500 lbs - 49,500 lbs with sleeper unit, reducing the number of truckload shipments
  • Trucks and Trailers with super single tires improving fuel economy
  • Paperless billing, logs and all shipping documents available for every shipper
  • Company Wide Recycling Program
If you have any further questions about Green Initiatives for Baylor Trucking or the Industry in general, please let us know. We can provide industry reports to help understand and reduce the carbon footprint for transportation.


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